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From residential property and schools through to multi-storey offices and flats, advances in recent years have opened up almost unlimited possibilities for timber in construction. Fire-prevention, noise reduction and durability issues have all been successfully solved. Renggli, for many years an innovator in timber engineering, has shown the advantages of this material in terms of quality, cost-control and sustainability.

The continuing increasing pressure on the building industry to take into account issues of climate change, energy-efficiency and resource usage have inevitably lead to the oldest building material – wood. Renggli has invested much time and know-how in advancing future-orientated construction technologies. Modern timber processes have set architects free to explore aspects of aesthetics and cost-efficiency through the re-discovery of wood – appealing yet sensible.

Renggli is dedicated to building the highest-quality buildings to meet the most demanding requirements of the modern world where sustainability, energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key attributes for the future.

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Single-Family Dwellings
The selection of family dwellings that Renggli has successfully
completed in the past decades is impressive. >>
Apartment Buildings
We have plenty of expertise in building state-of-the-art multi-storey apartment blocks and terraced houses. >>
Office / Commercial Properties
Building offices and commercial units, or a mixture of both, is a challenging task. Have a look at some of our references. >>
Public Buildings
From kindergartens and schools to health centres and care homes, Renggli is your partner to deliver the most sustainable solution you can think of. >>


If you'd like to know more about Renggli advance timber design buildings or energy efficient constructions please contact us for more information.

Office and Commercial Building Renggli AG
Aparment Building Meilen Switzerland
Single-Family Dwellings Buttisholz Switzerland
Single-Family Dwellings Pianezzo Switzerland
Single-Family Dwellings
Renggli AG, Switzerland
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